Lead safety consultants


Mark Swanson
Mark is a veteran of the industry with 20 years of combined experience between the auto industry and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). He received his Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Engineering from Central State University.  He then began his career at Honda of America Manufacturing, Inc. as a Product Development Engineer.  His responsibilities at Honda included working on the part maturation of new models, focusing on white body and front/rear fascias of Acura and Honda models.

At NHTSA, Mark began his career as a Safety Defects Investigator working on various investigations for the Vehicle Integrity Division (VID).  During his time in VID, he worked on many challenging investigations including brake light failures, seat back collapsing, head/tail light failures, and seat belt failures.  After a few years as an investigator, he changed gears and began working in the Defect Assessment Division (DAD).  In DAD, he was responsible for analyzing field data (complaints received by NHTSA, manufacturers’ complaints, warranty and field reports, technical service bulletins, and recalls) for potential safety-related defects.  After a trend was identified and the data was verified, Mark's responsibilities then included presenting this data and making the case for opening an investigation.

A highlight as a Safety Defects Engineer at NHTSA was being chosen to lead the complaint data analysis team for the high profile Toyota unintended acceleration project. Under his leadership, the team reviewed and categorized over 40,000 complaints. This data was analyzed and used to determine how populations of vehicles perform in the field in regards to unintended acceleration.  

As a member of Kinetic Metrics, Mark was chosen as the subject matter expert for the General Motor Safety Monitor Team (due to ignition switch recall) by Guidepost Solutions. He has been working onsite at GM for several months to assist in areas such as personnel interviews and newer model safety compliance.


Emily Reichard
Emily earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Maryland. She began her career as a contractor for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and quickly worked her way to a federal position as an Safety Defects Investigator for the Office of Defects Investigation in the Fall of 2011.  

She has tackled high public exposure investigations such as the Chevrolet Volt post-crash fire hazard (ref. PE11-037), which also included field testing work as well as data analysis. She is also accustomed to working with large data sets due to her involvement with EA13-005, which resulted in a recall totaling over 2.4 million vehicles. She has researched defects in various automotive areas including electric/hybrid applications, sunroofs, door latches and braking systems. Her flexibility and proficiency in data analysis methods allow her to cater to the needs of different clients. 

In addition to her work as an investigator, Emily also acted as Chair for the Department of Transportation (DOT) Earth Day Committee. This committee organized the annual Earth Day event held at the headquarters building. The event included over 30 outside vendors, a fuel-efficiency vehicle showcase and over 1,000 attendees for the promotion of more efficient, environmental-friendly practices in the workplace and at home. 

As a member of Kinetic Metrics, Emily has focused on assisting clients with new methods to analyze and review their manufacturing data. She is currently helping several clients with evaluating quarterly submissions, as required by the NHTSA.