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Our Mission

To provide efficient solutions that promote safety, integrity and durability. 


  • Hazard and Trend Analysis

As recent investigators of NHTSA we understand the current climate of the safety regulator.  Kinetic Metrics has the unique ability to analyze a manufactures data with a similar insight as present day NHTSA.  We are able to analyze data for hazard and trends so we can help a manufacturer determine how best to handle a potential issue. 

  • Auditing

Our reason for starting Kinetic Metrics was simple.  We believe we have a unique approach to safety.  We have the ability to retool a safety compliance office to function with quality and efficiency.   We can help manufacturers better understand how agencies are using their compliance information, which can help organizations avoid unnecessary penalties.  With our inside knowledge we can help your office create a culture of safety and ultimately comply with all Federal requirements.

  • Safety Investigations

Already have an issue that needs to be analyzed? Perhaps you are unsure if a safety defect is warranted? With our investigative experience we have the tools and knowledge to research and analyze a potential defect and give insight to the best available remedy. We also have the capability to submit 573 information as a third-party, so we would take care of all of the paperwork for you.  

  • Automotive Industry Services related to the NHTSA TREAD Act

Customer support for understanding and submitting NHTSA early warning quarterly reports, as part of the NHTSA TREAD Act Submission requirement.  This includes consumer complaints, warranty data field reports, and death and injury data submissions.  

  • Subject Matter Expertise

Looking to build a team? Kinetic Metrics has the capability to provide subject matter expertise in a wide range of automotive topics. Our knowledge and background will give the team a cutting edge and assist in winning contracts for consent orders and other related teaming opportunities.

  • Training

Whether you are a start up or a long standing company, training is a necessity for your employees to stay educated and motivated. Kinetic Metrics has the capability to build you a training program from the ground up, or audit a current program and update as appropriate. 

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