Kinetic Metrics Provides US Compliance Seminar

Last week the Kinetic Metrics team traveled overseas to meet with its partner IDIADA in a collaboration to present a US Safety Compliance Seminar. Our experts reviewed several topics, including Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS), the Office of Defects Investigation (ODI) process, EPA/CAFE standards and current issues in the US market today. It is important for foreign automakers to fully understand the requirements of the Federal Government as well as the needs of US consumers.

The compliance seminars are set up to not only educate but create a discussion amongst colleagues. We examined the importance of safety compliance and the communication necessary to build a successful product. The seminars that KM can provide may also be catered to specific products and issues at hand.  In addition to the seminars KM can also assist a new automaker with all the required submissions (recall, EWR, etc.).

In our continuing efforts to assist emerging overseas markets we plan to continue our outreach and are available for seminars and similar discussions with clients. Please contact us now for more information. 

Kinetic Metrics Attends Urban Mobility & Urban Planning Seminar

As part of Kinetic Metrics (KM) continuing drive toward its mission, co-founder Emily Reichard attended the Urban Mobility & Urban Planning Seminar on November 2 and 3. State and city DOTs, solutions experts and other innovative thinkers met for two days of information sharing and discussion of the current successes of Smart Cities and the challenges that the industry will need to overcome.

One of the challenges we wanted to highlight were the roadblocks experienced in dealing with Federal regulations. Luckily for the industry, Kinetic Metrics has a thorough background in Federal safety and regulation. Whether it is understanding the new Automated Vehicle Policy or working on how to implement safety policies that coincide with Federal laws, KM is here to help.

The same principles that KM uses to assess vehicle safety trends can also be applied to an assortment of products and services. Whether a community wants to implement bike shares or ride shares, we can assist in making sure the programs are safe and reliable.

Kinetic Metrics will continue to participate in discussions about Smart Cities and strives to be one of the leading supporters of this growing movement towards more sustainable, connected communities. 

Autonomous Vehicle Guidelines

On September 20, 2016 NHTSA released its long awaited guidelines on autonomous vehicle technology. As part of aiding regulation NHTSA will streamline its review process and has committed to issuing interpretations related to highly automated vehicles (HAVs) in 60 days, and ruling on simple HAV-related exemptions in six months.

Within the guidance NHTSA has outlined the framework for vehicle performance and requested that manufacturers and other entities voluntarily provide reports regarding how this framework has been followed. For NHTSA to consider Rulemaking with regards to HAVs, they must be able to support their decisions with data collected from the industry.

As part of our vision, we want to offer unique and efficient solutions to our clients. We can assist companies looking to enter the autonomous market by helping them develop their safety metrics and properly report data to NHTSA. We are also capable of working with smaller city or state governments to guide them in creating regulations that will not hinder the technology while having the flexibility to be adopted by other neighboring cities and states. 

NHTSA has posted the Policy in the Federal docket, under NHTSA-2016-0090 with the comment period ending on November 22, 2016. 

Member Emily Reichard Participates in Regulatory Roundup with NATM

Every year the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers meet in the Nation's Capital to discuss policy, safety and advocate to our congressmen and women the importance of trailer safety in the United States as part of its Regulatory Roundup. 

This year NATM focused on thanking those that signed the FAST Act,  which contained a very important provision for tandem trailer operations. This permits tandem trailer deliveries, making business across state lines easier for manufacturers, while still being in compliance with all state and federal regulations. 

Kinetic Metrics just celebrated its first year of membership with NATM and member Emily Reichard was excited to participate in her first Regulatory Roundup. She looks forward to attending this annual event for years to come as Kinetic Metrics continues to support safety and compliance in the industry.   

 Member Emily Reichard with Allison Malmstrom (NATM), Rep. David Young and Jake Morrison (H&H Trailers)

Member Emily Reichard with Allison Malmstrom (NATM), Rep. David Young and Jake Morrison (H&H Trailers)

Mark Swanson Named to GM Oversight Team

WASHINGTON – Mark Swanson, member of the automotive and transportation data analysis firm Kinetic Metrics, has been named to the team led by former federal prosecutor Bart M. Schwartz that will oversee General Motors Co. for the next three years. With experience in both safety defects investigations and defect assessments at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Kinetic Metrics founding partner Mark Swanson will provide support and expertise in the review and assessment of GM’s current policies, practices and procedures.